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Kritikos Malaysia

We are an NGO promoting critical thinking through philosophy education in Malaysia.

In collaboration with leading philosophy organisations in Malaysia and America, we seek to foster critical thinking skills among Malaysian high schoolers. Students in Form 4, 5, 6 or Pre-U programs can signup for our free, 6-week curated philosophy fellowship! Find out more.

We depend on mentors to lead our discussion groups. If you have demonstrated experience teaching or pursuing philosophy, consider signing up as a Mentor!

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Training Malaysian students to compete in the International Philosophy Olympiad (IPO).

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Leading the culture of practical philosophy within the Malaysian community and beyond, through their events and offerings.


Partnering with the Harvard Department of Philosophy to help students build logical reasoning skills using a research-backed method called argument mapping. 


Cultivating the spirit of service among Malaysian students. MRA Siswa is the student-led wing of the Malaysian Relief Agency.

Our Collaborators
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